Zero Emission
Emergency Energy


Disaster Relief Technology


PT. Highrope International focuses on developing disaster relief technology and looking for solutions in disaster mitigation, especially in providing energy supply if it is far from the main power source and if there is no energy supply at all during a disaster emergency in the field. The supply of renewable electrical energy that is environmentally friendly and stable and that takes place independently and continuously is a vital thing that will greatly assist humanitarian missions during disasters and assist the Government in highly solutive and reconstructive post-disaster reconstruction.

Disaster Relief Emergency Energy


The contribution of all elements of Indonesian society in emergency response and humanitarian missions, one of which is in disaster relief emergency energy, will accelerate the recovery of affected disaster areas and foster communal resilience.

Be a contributor in humanitarian missions & emergency response

Zero Emission Emergency Energy
for humanitarian mission & disaster relief

Disaster Mitigation Solutions

The problems that arise as a result of natural disasters and non-natural disasters are very large for the affected community and also for the local government as well as the central government. One of the impacts of a disaster is if the main electricity network is shutdown tripped off, causing the lighting to go black-out completely and the telecommunication and internet network backbone will be disrupted as well as the economic activities of the local community. With the presence of environmentally friendly emergency energy technology, it is hoped that it will become one of the solutions for disaster mitigation and completion of humanitarian missions.